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5 Times Professor PLO Lumumba Blew Our Minds on the Fight against Corruption and Thieves. pt 1
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Poem by Kimani Wa Kivumbi

O Uganda, How I Miss You!
O Uganda! I miss you.
I miss you and your sweet bananas.
I miss your matooke and the beautiful nyabos.
I miss your beautiful capital and its dirty ghetto
That I called home, Kisenyi.
I miss you like a child misses sleep,
Like an oppressed people miss a revolution.
I have travelled far and wide
But still, still, I cannot compare anyone to you!
I now sit in this far-away land
And reminisce all the fun I had in Kampala,
And though I would earn just half what I do here
There’s no place I’d rather be.
There’s no embrace I’d rather have, I’d rather feel,
Than that of Kampala, warm and tranquil.
The pearl of Africa
With the friendliest people God ever made.
I miss you and I’m coming home
I’m coming to stay
To a mother that’s not my mother.